Mixed Level: A flow style class appropriate for the fit beginner - advanced. Options are given to enhance the practice to your level.

Vinyasa Flow: A flow class that builds strength, flexibilty, endurance, and stamina. This class is appropriate for the active/fit beginner and beyond. *The class is best suited for those with prior knowledge of the poses.

Hot Vinyasa: Phoenix's Vinyasa but in a room heated to around 85-90 degrees. Strong Intermediate+. This class is NOT suitable for beginners.

Vinyasa Level 2: The same class you know and love, but with an added challenge. This class is for the experienced student. Strong intermediate+. Not suitable for beginners.

Slow Flow & Gentle Yoga: A gentle flow series that moves at a slower pace than typical vinyasa. A nice cool down and longer savasana! Appropriate for all levels.

Yin Yoga: Balance out the "yang" practice of power and vinyasa styles with the yin. In this class you will target the connective tissue, ligaments, bones, and joints. Each pose is held for 2-5 minutes, but we are not doing planks! Longer holds will allow us to deepen into the postures as we quiet the mind. Truly a practice that everyone should experience.

Kundalini Yoga: Kundalini is known as the yoga of awareness and the mother of all yogas. It's the whole pie, combining the 22 pieces of yoga. Kundalini combines postures (asana), breath work, (pranayama), chanting (mantra), and meditations. It accelerates the energy of the body / mind to create an elevated state which causes deep relaxation with clarity and alertness. This is a yoga for the everyday householder, allowing breakthroughs and stillness in a short amount of time.


Blend Classes:

Stretch & Unstress: A blend of Vinyasa, Yin, & Restorative.

Gentle Yin/Restorative: This Friday night class is the definition of RELAXATION. Go. All levels!









Pilates Mat: 

Pilates is a method of finding strength, flexibility, alignment, breath, and balance developed by Joseph Pilates. Phoenix was introduced to Pilates as a dance major in college, and later completed her Mat training at The Pilates Center in Hadley, M.A. Her classes draw upon the classical foundations of Pilates, as well as her background in classical dance forms and yoga, which make her classes exciting and unique. Most recently, Phoenix took the STOTT Pilates Mat training, and is currently in reformer training. She is excited to share her new knowledge with her clients! Classes will focus on stability and mobility exercises to build strength and flexibility in a way that is anatomically sound.


Pilates Reformer

Mat Pilates and Yoga are excellent, and we love them dearly. Reformer classes are different in that they are a total body workout utilizing the reformer machine. In classes we will target muscles not easy accessible in traditional mat classes. You will leave feeling stronger, more flexible, and standing taller! Phoenix is trained in STOTT Pilates which is a contemporary approach to the classical method by Joseph Pilates.


*Reformer classes are appropriate for those in good health. If you are recovering from an injury or other life events that may impact your ability to participate, please contact the studio to arrange for a private lesson before signing up for group class.* 

Reformer classes are priced separately and are not included in unlimited memberships or Yoga/Pilates Mat class cards. See rates below:

Reformer INTRO SPECIAL: 3 Classes $60. Must be used within 1 month of your first class. Limit one per client. Cannot be shared.

Group Reformer Single Class: $26

Group Reformer 5 Class Pack: $120 ($24 a class)

Group Reformer 10 Class Pack: $220 ($22 a class)

Group Reformer 20 Class Pack: $400 ($20 a class)

While class cards do not expire, we also do not guarantee walk in space in class, or times & offerings. We recommend using your class cards within one year of purchase max.

Sign up & Cancellation Policy: Because there are a limited number of reformers, classes require reservations. Reservations canceled later than 12 hours prior to class will not be refundable, and the client will forfeit the class. If the studio is able to fill the canceled reservation, then we will put the class back on the original client's class card. Our policy exists to be fair and equitable to the students wishing to attend class, and to the studio, as we have made a sizable investment to offer Reformer Pilates. We thank you for your support!