Advance, Flow & Grow: Don’t let the word “advance” scare you away. Can’t do a crow pose? Don’t have all your binds yet? No worries. The focus of this class is to enhance your practice by deepening your connection to your breath & bandhas. Each week we will explore a new asana, asana group, and/or element of the practice. Twists, binds, arm balances, standing balances, backbends, and inversions will be offered, however there will be multi leveling to FLOW & GROW at your own pace. *This is a 75 minute class. (Class will be 60 mins for December, switching to 75 in January.) The room is kept warm and cozy, but not sweltering hot. Around 74-78 degrees.

Align & Flow: This class moves continuously and mindfully. Focusing on engaging the proper muscles, we will build a strong and mobile foundation for our practice that is rooted in breath, alignment, and connection to the core.

Ashtanga Inspired Flow: This is a condensed version of the true Ashtanga primary series. This practice flows consistently. Expect sun salutations, balancing, and flexibility enhancing postures. The practice can be modified to be as vigorous or mellow as you’d like. The sequence is learned over time so that the student develops muscle memory of it.

Dynamic Flow: This class keeps your mind awake as you’ll always leave having learned something new. This a flow style Vinyasa class that draws upon a variety of yoga styles and schools to create a unique experience.

Kundalini Yoga: Known as the yoga of awareness and the mother of all yogas. It's the whole pie, combining the 22 pieces of yoga. Kundalini combines postures (asana), breath work, (pranayama), chanting (mantra), and meditations. It accelerates the energy of the body / mind to create an elevated state which causes deep relaxation with clarity and alertness. This is a yoga for the everyday householder, allowing breakthroughs and stillness in a short amount of time.

Morning Flow: This is a Vinyasa/Ashtanga inspired class that flows for 75 minutes. Please be on time for class. Always register beforehand, and check our online schedule for any class cancellations.

Hot Vinyasa: Phoenix's Vinyasa but in a room heated to around 85-90 degrees. Strong Intermediate+. This class is NOT suitable for beginners.

Vinyasa: A flow class that builds strength, flexibility, endurance, and stamina. This class is appropriate for the active/fit beginner and beyond. *The class is best suited for those with prior knowledge of the poses.

Vinyasa Level 2: The same class you know and love, but with an added challenge. This class is for the experienced student. Strong intermediate+. Not suitable for beginners.

Slow Flow & Gentle Yoga: A gentle flow series that moves at a slower pace than typical vinyasa. A nice cool down and longer savasana! Appropriate for all levels.

Yin Yoga: Balance out the "yang" practice of power and vinyasa styles with the yin. In this class you will target the connective tissue, ligaments, bones, and joints. Each pose is held for 2-5 minutes, but we are not doing planks! Longer holds will allow us to deepen into the postures as we quiet the mind. Truly a practice that everyone should experience.


Blend Classes:

Stretch & Unstress: A blend of Vinyasa, Yin, & Restorative.

Yinstorative: A blend of yin and restorative yoga.









Pilates Mat: Tone and strengthen with Pilates Mat classes! Phoenix is STOTT PILATES® educated in Mat work and Reformer. STOTT PILATES® is the contemporary approach to the classical method developed by Joseph Pilates. Classes focus on strength and mobility rooted in the principles of of breath, pelvic, rib cage, head and cervical placement.

Power Pilates Mat (Experienced): This class is designed for the experienced Pilates Mat practitioner who is ready to expand their repertoire and advance their practice.

Pilates Reformer All Levels: Reformer classes are a full body workout that will tone the body. After one class you will feel a difference. After 3 classes you will see a difference. After 10 classes your body will be stronger, and you will have greater coordination and balance. We feel fortunate to be able to bring these versatile, sleek machines to the studio. Reformer classes are a wonderful compliment to your existing routine. Whether it’s yoga, dance, running, cycling. Reformer classes are wonderful cross training.

Experienced Reformer: More complex coordination, fine detail, and strength characterize this class. Designed for those who have taken an ample amount of pilates classes and have knowledge of the essential level exercises. Intermediate exercises as well as essential level with endurance intervals will be components of the class.

Cardio Reformer: Utilizing the cardio tramp, we will develop a deeper stamina while focusing on cardiovascular exercise. For a preview of what it’s all about, see this video.


*Reformer classes are appropriate for those in good health. If you are recovering from an injury or other life events that may impact your ability to participate, please contact the studio to arrange for a private lesson before signing up for group class.* 


Barre classes are a high energy, total body workout. Move, sweat, laugh, and feel amazing while finding stability through movement. Nothing will be left behind as we combine elements from Pilates, Dance, Yoga, and the Fitness world to create this class. 

Lead by instructor and studio owner, Phoenix is a 200 hour yoga teacher, and will be 500 in March. She has her B.F.A. in dance from the prestigious Hartt School, and is STOTT PILATES trained as well as Total Barre™. She is thrilled to put it all together for this new class at Phoenix Yoga!